Formerly known as Fiat Chrysler group LLC, FCA US LLC manufacturers the American brand known as Dodge. Though many Dodge vehicles are associated with mid-priced brands, they also include highperformance cars. In the early 1900s, machine shop brothers John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin Dodge founded the Dodge Brothers Company. In the beginning, rather than manufacturing complete automobiles, however, they were a supplier of assemblies and parts for automakers based in Detroit.

Eventually, predating the founding of the Chrysler Corporation, back in 1914, complete automobiles were at last being assembled under the “Dodge Brothers”. The Dodge main factory was located in Michigan from 1910 until its 1980 closing. In 1920, both Dodge brothers died. In 1925, their families sold the company to Dylan, Read & Company. In 1928, it was sold to Chrysler. Numerous changes and multiple ownership changes have affected Dodge, including bankruptcy and a Fiat acquisition.

Prior to 2014, Viper, Ram, and Dodge were separated, though the SRT would merge back into Dodge in 2014.

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The Ugly Side: Common Dodge Car Problems Encountered

Dodge, as a company, has been through numerous changes, as evidenced in the opening paragraphs. Whether related to all those changes or not, Dodge automobiles have been plagued by certain problems, including the following:

Involved in a 2015 recall were 3500 trucks made between 2012 and 2015, as well as 2013 to 2015 Ram 1500s and 2500s. The problem? Injuries and crashes were a possibility due to airbags unexpectedly deploying! Apparently, it had everything to do with overly sensitive side impact sensor calibrations. Rams have also been involved in other recalls involving a rear axle shaft, seatbelt pretensioners and side curtain airbags, parking gear not engaging properly, and more.

Takata recalls were put forth by Fiat Chrysler in 2016 and included some 4.3 million vehicles. Dodge Challenger coupes, Dakota pickups, Chargers, Durango SUVs, Rams, Magnums, and more were involved in issues that dealt with front passenger airbag inflators. As of mid-2018, not even 50% of these automobiles had received replacement/repair related to the recall.

Dodge Rams and other Dodge vehicles have also been recalled for problems with remote hacking, additional gear shifter issues, cruise control, and more.

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