First and foremost we need to review your buyers order.

Then any and all repair orders that you are given after your vehicle has been in for repair.

If you have a list which shows when you took the vehicle in to the dealer, this is extremely helpful.

The ultimate relief in a Lemon Law Case is your money back or a new car. This is known as a “buy back” or a “repurchase.” When that occurs, the defective vehicle is returned to the manufacturer or used car dealership.

In some cases the consumer obtains compensation in the form of a partial refund with continued ownership of the car.

Laws are complicated and you need a trained skilled lawyer representing you.

The manufacturer will be represented by an attorney why would you want to represent yourself with your second biggest purchase without an attorney?

Most State’s Lemon Law provides that manufacturers may set up arbitration programs. These programs receive consumers’ complaints and are designed to assist in resolutions.

If the manufacturer has such a program and it is certified by the Attorney General, then the consumer’s case may need to proceed through such a program.

However, not all the manufacturers have such certified arbitration programs and many times the vehicle is ineligible for arbitration due to age or mileage, per the arbitration programs’ own rules. In those cases, the consumer may have other options without resorting to the arbitration procedure first.

If you think you have a lemon vehicle you should seek legal help before doing anything else.

If you purchased a vehicle and we’re not told of any of the following please contact us.

  1. Prior history of mechanical problems known to the seller and not disclosed to the buyer.
  2. Previously Salvaged or Wrecked and not disclosed to the buyer.
  3. Rolled back odometer not disclosed to the buyer.
  4. Previous Rental car, police car, taxi, ride sharing vehicle not disclosed to the buyer.
  5. Previous Stolen car and rebuilt; not disclosed to the buyer.
  6. Previous flood damage not disclosed to the buyer.
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