Fiat is an Italian car brand that traces back its history to 1899. Italy is one of the most significant players in automotive design and production and Fiat is the country’s largest manufacturer. Although it is the market leader in Italy, Fiat cars are built across several off-shore locations with its largest production in Brazil. The brand received multiple international awards, including an impressive record of nine European Car of the Year awards.

It is also among the top-ranking cars for having the lowest level of CO2 emissions by vehicles that are sold in all of Europe.

Popular Car Models from Fiat

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The Ugly Side: Common Fiat Car Problems Encountered

The retro styling plus the short chassis is a great combo that made Fiat vehicles popular among city drivers. Just like any other car, Fiat is not immune to car troubles. Here are the most common faults discovered by Fiat car owners:

There have been reported problems about presence of oil in the car’s engine. It could also mean that other parts already failed, to begin with. Aside from contaminating the engine, there are also complaints about oil leaking into the coolant system.

A widely-reported issue about some Fiat models is about the diesel head gasket failure. In fact, dealers were required to have the diesel head gasket replaced in 2008.

A detailed inspection is essential if the purchase was made before this date.

There was also a recall for the Fiat 500 with regards to a faulty wiring under the steering column.

It was found out that the wiring was prone to premature wear and can be potentially a reason for an electrical failure while driving.

Also a known issue among Fiat cars is a sticky or tight steering motion which could be a problem with the power steering motor.

Do You Have a Bad Vehicle & is Your Fiat a Lemon?
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Life is too short to be trapped in a car that is both unreliable and unsafe. If your Fiat has a defect that can potentially impair the safety, use, or value of the car, or if you have sent the car for at least three times to fix the same problem, then you may be eligible to return the vehicle back to the dealer for a refund.

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