Porsches are some of the most high-end sports cars available on the market. Porsche AG is a German automobile manufacturer that specializes in not only sports cars, but also SUVs and sedans. Known for their luxury feel and advanced aesthetic, these vehicles feature exceptionally high-quality production to deliver premium market value. With aerodynamic capabilities and impressive performance, Porsches are some of the most respectable vehicles on the streets.

Unfortunately, just as with any other car or vehicle, Porsches may be subject to malfunctions, defects, and faulty parts. Whether from the manufacturer or the dealership, it is possible that Porsches in Florida could sustain defects or conditions that substantially impair the use, value, or safety of the vehicle. In a case in which the Porsche is a new or demonstrator vehicle in Florida, and the owner of the Porsche in Florida reports these defects to the manufacturer within the “Lemon Law Rights Period,” the owner of the car could have a case of a Porsche Lemon. For the best legal representation and support in these instances, it is advised to hire an experienced Porsche Lemon Law Attorney in Florida.

Lemon Law and Porsches in Florida

Due to their luxury status, high performance, and the velocity at which they can accelerate, sports cars like Porsches in Florida are expensive vehicles. Anyone who purchases a new Porsche in the state of Florida has made a significant investment; it is therefore crucial that their vehicle works properly. While Porsche AG prides itself on its premium craftsmanship, there have been cases where Porsche owners have experienced repeated issues with their vehicles.

How Lemon Law Works in Florida

Porsche owners may have a case for Florida Lemon Law if their vehicle is found to have defects or conditions that affect its use, value, or safety. In order for a Porsche to quality as a lemon in the state of Florida, the vehicle must be new or a demonstrator vehicle. Additionally, the owner of the Porsche must report these defects to the manufacturer within 24 months of the date that the vehicle was delivered. Alternatively, the vehicle may be officially considered a Florida lemon if it has been in service for over 30 days for the same issue, rendering it out of commission and unable to be used.

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