Florida lemon law cases are serious; if your vehicle has been in a car dealership for at least 15 days due to a manufacturing defect, you may have grounds for a lemon law case. If this sounds like you and you live in Citrus Park, Florida or the surrounding areas, it is imperative that you team up with a reliable and trustworthy Florida Lemon Law attorney today. Jonathan D. Schwartz, Esq. is the lemon law attorney in Florida you need.

Lemons are vehicles with manufacturing defects that affect their safety, value, or utility. Cars are lemons if the manufacturer or authorized dealership cannot correct the defect when given the opportunity within a reasonable time frame.

Another name for Florida lemon law is the Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act. This act covers cars, trucks, and recreational vehicles sold in Florida that are to be used to transport people or property. Florida state lemon law also covers leased vehicles if the individual listed on the lease is responsible for the repairs.


About Citrus Park, Florida

The beautiful town of Citrus Park, Florida is just 15 miles outside of Tampa, Florida. Known for being an affordable suburb in close proximity to Tampa, Citrus Park offers residents plenty of restaurants and attractions. Citrus Park is located in Hillsborough County. It is home to the Big Cat Rescue nonprofit sanctuary for large cats and the Westfield Citrus Park shopping center. Nearby, visitors can go to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, the Florida Aquarium, the Museum of Science & Industry, the ZooTampa at Lowry Park, and a variety of other destinations.

Vehicles and Transportation in Citrus Park, Florida

With so many outdoor and nature-inspired things to do in and around Citrus Park, Florida, residents and visitors typically own, rent, or lease cars. There are plenty of car dealerships in the Hillsborough County area, making it easy to find the perfect vehicle for getting around Citrus Park. With many families and long-term residents living in Citrus Park, it is incredibly important to have a working and reliable vehicle. If drivers suspect that their vehicle is a lemon in Florida, the best thing to do is to call an expert Florida state lemon law attorney.

Lawyers for Florida Lemons Law Cases

If are wondering if your vehicle in Citrus Park, Florida or the surrounding areas may be a lemon, do not hesitate to contact the professional, legal services of Jonathan D. Schwartz, Esq. at badvehicle.com today. Our team handles Florida state lemon law cases for new cars, used cars, totaled cars, and salvaged cars. We have the exact knowledge, experience, and attention to detail you need in situations like these. We will provide you with the legal representation you deserve in the event that your car turns out to be a Florida lemon. Work with us and you will find a communicative, dedicated, committed Florida lemon law attorney on your side.


If you are unsure as to whether or not your car in Citrus Park, Florida is a lemon, please do not hesitate to reach out to us today. We provide complimentary case evaluations in Florida to determine if a car is a lemon. Contact us at 786-566-6716 or email jonathan@badvehicle.com for more information.