Understanding Florida Lemon Law can be tricky but having a solid grasp on the lemon laws in Florida is essential in the event that you encounter a lemon in Tampa Bay, Florida. A lemon vehicle is one that has several manufacturing defects that affect its safety, value, or utility. Cars are deemed lemons if the manufacturer or authorized dealership cannot correct the defect when given the opportunity.

The Florida lemon law is also referred to as the Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act. This law covers cars, trucks, and recreational vehicles sold in the state of Florida that are to be used to transport either people or property. Florida lemon law also includes leased vehicles if the consumer listed on the lease is responsible for the repairs.


About Tampa Bay, Florida

Tampa Bay, Florida is an area in Florida located near the Gulf of Mexico. Home to about 4 million residents, Tampa Bay is often used to refer to the various towns and cities located nearby. While Tampa Bay is not a municipality itself, it has various neighboring communities such as the city of Tampa. Tampa Bay, Florida is a popular vacation destination, filled with hotels, resorts, restaurants, and more. Its sweeping layout requires residents and visitors to own, rent, or lease a vehicle in order to get around the area easily.

Vehicles and Transportation in Tampa Bay, Florida

There are plenty of car dealerships in Tampa Bay, Florida, making it easy to find the perfect vehicle for getting around the Tampa Bay area. While a simple Google search may result in the best-used car dealerships in Tampa or a variety of other findings, it is essential that those purchasing or leasing a car in Tampa Bay stay on top of their car’s condition. Too often, cars become lemons, and the individuals who own or lease them do not have the proper legal representation to handle the situation. Do not let that happen to you.

Lawyers for Florida Lemons

If you suspect that your vehicle in Tampa Bay, Florida or the surrounding areas may be a lemon, do not hesitate to contact the professional services of Jonathan D. Schwartz, Esq. at badvehicle.com today. Our team handles Florida lemon law cases for new cars, used cars, totaled cars, and salvaged cars. We are equipped with the knowledge, experience, and attention to detail that is required to give you the legal representation you deserve in the case of a lemon. Work with us and you will find a flexible, dedicated, committed Florida lemon law attorney in our team.


If you are unsure whether or not your car is a lemon, feel free to reach out to us today. Bad Vehicle provides complimentary evaluations in Tampa Bay, Florida and the nearby cities to determine if a car is a lemon. Contact us at 786-566-6716 or email jonathan@badvehicle.com to learn more.