Florida Lemon Law is an important law for drivers in Winter Park, Florida to understand. By definition, lemons are cars that have manufacturing defects that can affect their safety, value, or utility. Cars are officially considered lemons when the manufacturer or authorized dealership of the vehicle does not or cannot correct the defect when given the opportunity.

Also known as the Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act, Florida state lemon law covers cars, trucks, and recreational vehicle sold in the state of Florida that are to be used to transport either people or property. Florida lemon law also includes leased vehicles if the person listed on the lease is responsible for the repairs.


About Winter Park, Florida

The city of Winter Park, Florida is located in Orange County, Florida. It is a short drive to Orlando, making it very accessible for visitors and residents to travel to theme parks like Disney World and Universal Studios. Well known for its outdoor arenas and rich arts and culture scene, Winter Park is home to its very own Central Park (not to be confused with the New York City version). Winter Park has within it the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art and the Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens. Those interested in antiquities and contemporary works may choose to visit the Cornell Fine Arts Museum, located by Lake Virginia.

Vehicles and Transportation in Winter Park, Florida

With so much to do in and around Winter Park, Florida, it comes as no surprise that many residents and visitors drive cars in the area. There are plenty of car dealerships inside of and near Winter Park, making finding the perfect vehicle for getting around simple and easy. Those looking to move to the area or spend part of the year there may consider purchasing a new car or leasing a vehicle in Winter Park. It is therefore imperative to have a trustworthy lemon law attorney on hand in the unfortunate event your car turns out to be a lemon in Florida.

Lawyers for Florida Lemons

If you suspect that your vehicle in Winter Park, Florida or the surrounding areas may be a lemon, do not hesitate to contact the professional services of Jonathan D. Schwartz, Esq. at badvehicle.com today. Our team handles Florida lemon law cases for new cars, used cars, totaled cars, and salvaged cars in the entire Orlando, Florida metropolitan area. We have the expertise, knowledge, and dedication you need for strong legal representation with lemon law cases in Florida. By working with our team, you will see only the best the legal system has to offer.


If you are unsure whether your car in Winter Park, Florida is a lemon, please feel free to reach out to us today. Our legal team provides complimentary evaluations in and around Orlando, Florida and the neighboring areas to determine if a car is a lemon. Contact us at 786-566-6716 or email jonathan@badvehicle.com to learn more.